Vasile GHIUTA artistic credo is simple. God gave us unexpected things that could be seen. At the same time God has given us things that could not be seen: emotions, feelings and experiences. In Vasile GHIUTA works he was trying to give a visual expression of those emotions, feelings and experiences. The selection of colors and techniques are means to try to get this.

He want from those who look at his work to have a reaction – to trigger a feeling. He/she may have a feeling of pleasure or disgust, irritation or joy. Every sentiment triggered by watching his paintings is a success. From his point of view the worst thing what could happen is no reaction from the viewer.

Vasile GHIUTA paintings may seem like a fabric of colors, lines and dots arranged randomly on the canvas. The apparent spontaneity and chance is actually superimposed to a long process of selection of colors depending on the feelings that he wanted to express and expose on the canvas.