Vasile Ghiuta was born in Bucharest, Romania, currently living in Toronto, Canada. He is a self-taught artist, and his work is inspired by human feelings, thoughts and emotions.

He believes that life is a sum of various experiences that carry a large amount of energy which could be transposed through the power of color and specific painting techniques into real stories.
His acrylic on canvas works aim to express this concept, inviting the viewer to take a step forward into the world of self-discovery and meditation. Each of his canvases tells a story, and every story needs to be shared. To paint about life is more like telling a story: not using words, but colors.

He believes that the art is a vehicle that transports the viewer into a whole new world where possibilities are infinite and vibrant. He thinks that it could be a version of your own perception of life or it could be as well alternative to the utter, shear reality.
It is all about life experiences and emotions.