Jennifer Hosein

My life as an artist began when I was five years old, sitting at the kitchen table where I drew people living their day-to-day lives which seemed to me, then, infinitely more interesting than my own. As a teenager, I learned to pull the pain out of me and put it onto paper. Later, I added the night creatures and beasts and in-between people that made up my life, juxtaposing ugliness and beauty, terror and pleasure, the erotic and repulsion.
I paint from imagination, myths, nightmares, and life. I work primarily with ink, pastels, watercolours, oil paint, photography, and collage.
Significant losses birthed my recent angel paintings. Initially representing despair and death, the angels are transforming into symbols of hope and joy. After a period of mourning, I felt it was time to put the darkness away for a while. There may still be sadness, but there is so much more. There are the fascinating people that surround us, the stunning landscapes of our planet, and the beyond.