Anand Jaggernauth

Resident Artist for Canada's new national stock exchange - NEO Exchange.

Educated as a Geophysicist, Anand decided to follow his passion for art full-time in 2014. Anand works out of his studio at Walnut Studios, Toronto.

Using different tools to paint, Anand's process initiates with the Science in him - using 90% oils along with other mixtures. He sees the canvas as the first layer in the subsurface as he creates new layers and integrate texture. This building process captures depth, fluidity and movement - bringing harmony into all his pieces. He creates both Serene and Vibrant Abstracts.

Anand's work is owned both by corporations and private individuals. Within two years Anand has an impressive client list and continues to have sold out shows. He loves being an Independent Artist in the city.

Visit his website to see more of his work or to schedule a studio visit to enjoy a cup or coffee or glass of wine!