Alena McLaren Caux

My work is intuitive with an aesthetic sensibility that is entirely my own. I use no visual aids in my creative process. Instead, my method draws on my personal insight of life from a deeper place where the image takes shape through inner guidance.

What takes shape is a series of contrasting themes from force to subtlety and softness; conflict and peace; harmony and disorder.

I believe, as Boccioni stated that art should be a slap in the face, and so I tend to be drawn to bold expression - in shape; colour; and, my favourite, oversized canvasses.

My life has been a culmination in the study of art, and I'm beginning now in 2017 to show my work. I've studied art from a young age, learning first from my grandmother, an oil painter, who supported me and my mother through the sale of her work to tourists on the coast of the Black Sea. I've also studied realist and abstract art in private art schools and academies in Toronto.